Membership Benefits

Member Benefits

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USA Track & Field is proud to offer our members a wide range of benefits. Membership provides athletes, coaches, officials, parents and fans of track & field the opportunity to show their support of our sport while receiving a wide range of exciting benefits.  Join Today!

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Accident Insurance: Members of USATF receive secondary accident insurance while competing in and traveling to USATF sanctioned events and USATF registered club practices.

Special Offers and Discounts: To learn about  how to obtain the following special offers and discounts visit the Members Only section of the national website.

Special offers and discounts subject to change or cancellation without notice. USATF makes no warranty or representation that the products or services listed meet the specifications described herein or are fit for any particular purpose. As with all consumer products, USATF members are cautioned to conduct their own independent inquires and investigations to determine whether the product or service is suitable for their individual needs and will not cause harm to them or any third party. Buyer Beware.