Road Race Management

Let us help you plan and implement your next road racing event.

Below is a price list for services and equipment.

Event Consulting:   $75 per hour

Includes pre & post event consulting. A rule of thumb for first time events is 5-10 hours of consultation needed.

Equipment Package Rental:   $1000

Includes all necessary equipment for a start and finish line Including: generic start/finish banners, chutes, double sided clock, flagging, flags and vests for all course marshals, 50 cones for crowd and traffic control, two experienced personnel to set up start and finish line and disbursement of course equipment, and management of finish line volunteers. Includes all set-up/tear-down and finish line volunteer instructions and management.

Race Results:  $3.00 per entrant

Includes consultation with race administration for entry protocol pre race and a complete set of computer generated results including award winners and overall results for posting on race day.


Equipment Rental Fee Deposit
Clock (double face) 9″ digits $100 $250
Clock (double face) 6″ digits $100 $250
Clock (single face) $100 $250
Timer (Chronomix Compusport 737) $100 (includes operator) $250
Timer (Seiko S129) with printer function $25 (non-operator) $100

Course Measurement & National Certification:

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Note: All prices include expenses.